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Ready to start school, but concerned about how to pay for it?
Park University puts those concerns to rest with multiple ways to help you make college affordable. We recommend using our net price calculator for a more precise tuition estimation. Explore how to plan and pay for your college education.

Financial Aid Information

Scholarship Opportunities Include:


  • Park Military Family Scholarship
  • James J. Lennon Memorial Scholarship
  • Sergeant Major Stan Hillery (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship *
  • Air Force Aid Society’s General Henry Hap Arnold Education Grant Program *
  • Officers’ Spouses’ Club Scholarships *
  • Enlisted Spouses’ Club Scholarships *

Contact our student financial aid department for more information about scholarship opportunities.
Phone : (816) 584-6290
E-mail: scholarships@park.edu


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Special Tuition Rates


  • Undergraduate Military (includes Active Duty, Active Duty Dependent, Reservist and National Guard):
    $250 per credit hour
  • Undergraduate Military Veterans (includes Veterans,Veteran Dependents using the GI Bill, Reservist Dependents, and National Guard Dependents):
    $329 per credit hour
  • Graduate Tuition Military (includes Active Duty, Active Duty dependent, reservist and National Guard):
    $408 per credit hour
  • Graduate Veterans (includes Veterans, Veteran Dependents using the GI Bill, Reservist Dependents, and National Guard Dependents):
    $472 per credit hour


  • Special Tuition Offer for Federal Employees, Federal Employee Spouses & Dependents:

$329 per credit hr Undergraduate/$472 per credit hr Graduate


$250, $329 or $391

Undergraduate Tuition Rates

Currently serving members may use Tuition Assistance (TA). National Guard and Reservists may tap into their TA programs. Tuition Assistance is a benefit available to eligible members of the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. Congress has granted each service the ability to finance up to 100% for the tuition expenses of its members.

Each service has its own eligibility criteria, obligated service requirements, application process’ and restrictions. The money is normally distributed directly to the higher education institution by the individual service. Tuition Assistance is not a loan; it should be viewed as money you have worked for.

The GI BillĀ® provides benefits to veterans, service members and some dependents of disabled or deceased veterans wishing to pursue an education.

For more information on how to apply for an individual scholarship or information on the financial assistance available to you, please contact Financial Aid Services.

Gainful employment programs are those that are offered by Park University that lead to a certificate or other non-degree credential, and for which students may receive federal financial assistance.