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Undergraduate Business Programs at Park University


Business Programs


The Bachelor’s in Accounting program and Accounting minor are designed to prepare students for a professional career in public accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting or governmental accounting.


Economics investigates the conditions and laws affecting the production, distribution and consumption of wealth in an organized society. Students majoring in economics may be employed by businesses, government and other institutions serving in various staff and management positions.


The finance program is designed to develop an understanding of the various areas and principles of finance. The intent of the program is to meet the educational needs of students who wish to pursue careers in private or public organizations or graduate studies in finance or business administration.

Human Resource Management

This program focuses on the study of organizations and the use of personnel as a primary institutional resource. This interdisciplinary approach draws from the fields of Management, Social Psychology, and Organizational Behavior to create skills in interpersonal and intergroup relations.

International Business

Students taking the International Business major receive a broad education covering the major functional areas needed to succeed in the global marketplace.


Students taking the Management core receive a broad education covering the major functional areas of management. Graduates find jobs in business such as production management, personnel management, marketing management, or financial management.


This program meets the educational needs of students who intend to pursue active careers in healthcare fields or enroll in graduate work in healthcare administration.


This program provides a comprehensive knowledge and skill set to students who wish to pursue challenging careers in the rapidly growing logistics area by serving the needs of a dynamic industry.

Construction/Engineering Management

Courses in the program are designed to develop technical, administrative, and leadership skills required in managing construction personnel and activities. Skills developed in the program may be applied to a management career.

Computer Information Systems

This major specifically prepares for computer usage while enhancing knowledge and tools of business management and organizational theory. It is both a theoretical and practical program which can prepare the student for careers in computer management, systems applications and other computer-related positions.

Healthcare Management

This program meets the educational needs of students who intend to pursue active careers in healthcare fields or enroll in graduate work in healthcare administration.

School of Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public Administration

This program is designed for students who are interested or currently working in the public administration field. Be prepared to meet the unique challenges of public administration at the municipal, state or federal levels.

Graduate Certificates

Business & Government Leadership

This program is designed for those who wish to improve their ability to navigate and lead across the business and government sectors of society. This certificate advances the skills students need to lead and manage in the private and public sectors.

Disaster & Emergency Management

Students possessing a Graduate Certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management will be well-prepared to engage the public policy issues surrounding natural and man-made disasters and other community hazards.

Nonprofit Leadership

This certificate prepares students for leadership positions in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Graduates with this certificate have key skills and understandings necessary for challenging work in these sectors.

Health Services Management & Leadership

This certificate prepares students and practicing healthcare leaders to meet new healthcare policy and practice challenges. The program focuses on critical thinking and problem solving in today’s healthcare environment.

Leadership of International Healthcare Organizations

This program provides students with knowledge and skills related to the administrative and management aspects of international health. Topics of focus are management and leadership, operations, theoretical and applied learning experiences.


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