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Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Programs

School of Liberal Arts

Art Design and Theatre

Fine Art

Students in the Fine Art bachelor program in Parkville, Mo. receive a general introduction to studio work in a variety of media: painting, drawing, photography and ceramics or fiber. Graduates work toward K-12 art education certification in concert with their studio majors or set up their own studios.

Graphic Design

Through the Graphic Design program, students learn visual communication, typography, layout, illustration and photography while building professional quality design portfolios. Instruction models the professional environment for maximum career preparedness.

Interior Design

Building on the art and design principles introduced in the foundations year, each semester of the interior design sequence includes an interior design studio, a technical skills studio and a related lecture course, with projects increase in complexity throughout the Interior Design curriculum.

Communication and Journalism

Journalism and Public Relations

These areas include the of study: Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations. Traditional course work with practical application has proven to be invaluable to students.


Park University offers majors in Organizational Communications and Communications Studies.  These majors prepare students for professions in contemporary corporate, government, and nonprofit environments. Career choices include management, training, development, human resources, consulting,or related fields.

English and Modern Languages


A degree in English stresses the development of analytical reading and reasoning skills and the articulate use of oral and written language. At Park University, the English degree stresses a global, multicultural focus.

Modern Languages

This degree plan helps students acquire important communication tools that are increasingly vital in local, national and global communities by emphasizing oral and written communication, cultural fluency and study-abroad opportunities.

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

A major composed of various disciplines rather than one discipline only, the liberal studies major will broaden the student’s cultural perspective and heighten the student’s analytical powers.

History and Political Science


The field of history is inherently interdisciplinary. Park University’s program employs a diversity of methodologies to present students who examine, discuss, and write regarding entangled issues with intelligence and clearness.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies prepares students to be successful in law school or in graduate schools leading to legal careers. The program emphasizes critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analysis of contemporary legal and social issues.

Military History

The interdisciplinary military history degree will provide students access to academic excellence through the study of military aspects of History, Sociology, Geography, and Political Science.

Political Science

The Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science provides students with information and abilities to become participative citizens and cope with problems of modern politics.

School of Natural & Applied Sciences

Natural and Physical Sciences


The Bachelor of Science in Biology requires a minimum of 120 completed hours, including 66 hours of degree-specific core curriculum and approved electives in your area(s) of interest.


This program provides students with the knowledge and skills in laboratory and in theory in order to go on for further education and successfully find suitable careers in the chemical sciences.


Those who study geography are well-prepared to understand and explain a wide range of local through global issues that occur between countries, cultures, places, and regions using a spatial perspective.



Combining this curriculum with your general education requirements, you stay on track toward earning an Engineering degree while benefiting from the highly respected Liberal Arts education offered at Park University.

Computer Science, Information Systems, and Mathematics

Information & Computer Science

This program prepares students for a broad range of computer career opportunities as well as in graduate studies. Students choose one or more specialty areas from among four options: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Management, and Networking.


Mathematics prepares students for graduate studies in mathematics, related sciences, economics and business administration. Other options include beginning actuarial work, teaching at the secondary level and beginning work in the area of data processing.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Administration

The criminal justice administration curriculum prepares graduates to work in the criminal justice system and related professions or move on to graduate school.

Terrorism & Homeland Security

Through both theoretical and practical approaches, the certificate provides students with knowledge essential to homeland security issues, strategies, and planning. Certificate courses integrate knowledge in diverse fields of security, terrorism, and emergency management.


At Park University, maximize your prior military experience so it works for you toward a better future.

Park University maximizes your military training and experience by using your Joint Service Transcript, or equivalent, earning up to 75 credit hour transfers and fair credit equivalencies. Explore our military focused programs and find your dream academic program available online and on military installations.

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