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Park University at MINO base in Minot, ND

For flexible opportunities to earn a degree in criminal justice administration, explore business undergraduate programs in North Dakota, or pursue one of our other associate or bachelor degrees, Park University at Minot Base in Minot, ND, offers face-to-face classes that are available days, evenings and weekends. Maximize your prior military experience so it works for you towards a better future, using your military experience from your Joint Service Transcript or equivalent with military-earned academic credit.

Park University at Minot base in Minot, ND, provides an in-person classroom setting with flexible course schedules during the daytime, evenings and weekends. We work with currently serving, veterans, and military family & spouses to take advantage of our educational opportunities.

Courses can be completed in 8-week sessions rather than a traditional 16-week semester and are taught by faculty committed to the success of each student. Sessions begin five times a year, allowing for multiple entry points – two in the fall, two in the spring, and one in summer.

Park University at Minot base in Minot, ND, offers a center dedicated to providing services and information to veteran students and currently serving students. The Global Warrior Center is a part of Park University’s Department for Military and Veteran Student Services, and it provides resources and information for service members and veterans transitioning in or out of the military.


The Global Warrior Center educates students of their college benefits, works with students going through the deployment process or returning from a tour of duty. Park University at Minot Base in Minot, ND, can help you access health care and counseling services, assists with employment searches and provide references or assistance in anything else the veteran needs.

Park University continues to rank as one of the most affordable options for those pursing a higher education. Park University is more than an independent, non-profit, fully accredited private university.

We recognize the enormous contribution military personnel make to society during and after service to their country for longer than most colleges have been around.

“A wide range of military friendly degree programs…With a low net price, Park University provides a flexible, high quality education at an affordable cost.”

– Online Military Education (OME)

Academic Programs

Park University at Minot base in Minot, ND

Bachelor Degrees

Criminal Justice Administration/ Corrections
Criminal Justice Administration/ Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice Administration/ Security
Information & Computer Science/ Computer Science
Information & Computer Science/ Data Management
Information & Computer Science/ Information Technology
Information & Computer Science/ Networking & Security
Information & Computer Science/ Software Development
Management/Computer Information Systems
Management/Health Care
Management/Human Resources
Management/International Business
Social Psychology

Associate Degrees

Criminal Justice Administration
Information and Computer Science
Social Psychology

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