Zero Textbook Cost Program

Park University’s ZERO TEXTBOOK COST Program

Park University is committed to finding ways to make college affordable. That is why we are excited to announce the launch of our Zero Textbook Cost program.


About the program

Degrees participating

Park University’s ┬áZero Textbook Cost program allows students pursuing their Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice online or at one of our distance campus centers to qualify for the no cost textbooks. Park University will provide students with electronic textbooks for the criminal justice courses and selected general education requirements. You will have access to the class materials online without having to purchase textbooks. This textbook savings program will help you save money as you earn your degree.


The program is valued at approximately $1,680.


Contact your student success coach or campus center coach for more information.
Phone: (888) 319-9522


Who qualifies

Park University students who qualify for the zero textbook cost program include those who are currently receiving our $250 per credit hour tuition rate and are working toward their Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.


$250 per credit hour includes:

Undergraduate Military (includes Active Duty, Active Duty Dependent, Reservist and National Guard)


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Zero Textbook Cost Program

For Active Duty Military and Active Duty Dependents